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Boston, MA
Improv Boston

Friday, November 9th @ 10:00PM


Alex LeBaron
Ben Scurria
Carrie Drzik
Eric Frieden
Michelle McNulty
Pete Fenzel
One of the staple troupe's of ImprovBoston's Harold Night, Rich Uncle (or, affectionately, "Chuncle") are known for smart long-form, twisted takes on history and culture, intensity, charm, and rugged good looks. Founded in 2011 from veterans of ImprovBoston's Harold Night, Family Show, Face off and Showcase shows -- and bringing on new talent in 2012 -- the ladies and gentlemen of Chuncle have carved out a voice all their own in the Boston comedy scene. They are available for bachelorette parties, bar mitzvahs, deck sandings, barn raisings and 4x400 meter relays.